• for admission Inquiry Contact: 9482432875, 080-25344787, 080-42037520, Email: contact@ayonschools.com

  • for admission Inquiry Contact: 9482432875, 080-25344787, 080-42037520, Email: contact@ayonschools.com

  • for admissions Contact: 9482432875, 080-25344787, 080-42037520, Email: contact@ayonschools.com


World is becoming increasingly small and we all live and work here and abroad. Therefore children need a broader world view and at the same time they should take pride in being Indian and contribute actively to the community.

Ayon International offers your child the best start to a lifetime of learning. The children learn by play and exploration through a planned programme of activities. We integrate the best of International curriculum with the Indian contexts; our curriculum equips children to meet the changing societal need of Global community. Children are introduced to numerical concepts and pre-reading and writing skills at appropriate stages and are encouraged to work to their full potential. Working in partnership with parents, each child is given a Personal Learning Plan which enables them to grow and develop at their own pace.

The Curriculum

The Curriculum at Ayon international is based on good practice taken from a number of established early year programs, and is primarily based on Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS), UK.

EYFS structure around the four key areas of learning and development as well as focus in helping young children achieve their full potential. The curriculum is built around four principles:

A Unique Child
We recognise they are all different, but should be treated equally. Positive relationships and good communication are vital. We achieve this by ensuring their physical and emotional needs are met during their time at Ayon International.
Positive Relationships
We will support, listen and work with the children at Ayon International to help them learn. We respect all kinds of families and aim to develop a positive two-way relationship with parents. 

We have a nominated key worker for each child to ensure each child has the opportunity of building a close relationship and is well monitored during their time with us.
Enabling Environments
We plan and check on each child’s progress and make every attempt to involve parents. We ensure that inside and outside spaces of the nursery are safe, interesting and engaging.
Learning and Development
We focus on ensuring young children learn through play and exploration. We encourage children to develop imagination, to get actively involved in learning and to make decisions. We make every attempt to develop children’s creative and critical thinking by balancing the needs. We work towards the following specific goals:
  • helping to build confidence, concentration, independence and respect.
  • developing speaking and listening skills and beginning to read and write.
  • focusing on number work, mathematical ideas and thinking.
  • helping children investigate and think about their place in the world.
  • relating to developing physical skills and understanding.
  • centred around building children’s imagination.
  • ensuring we are all aware of our responsibility for children’s welfare.
At Ayon International we assess and observe each child closely and document their learning and development in their personal portfolio which is shared with their parents.

Interactive Computer Technology (I.C.T.)

I.C.T. supports the curriculum framework in the nursery. Through working on the computer children have opportunities in:

  • Experimenting
  • Phonics based program
  • Becoming familiar with computers
  • Using the mouse
  • Focusing on the screen
  • Learning with computer activities eg. Colour / number games
  • Emergent writing, drawing, reading, mathematics and information handling
  • Interactive learning through projectors /LCD display

Specialist Teaching

Children enjoy sessions with our specialist staff. These include weekly visits from PE staff. Regular sessions in Music and Dance. We also have specialists introducing the children to Art, Science and Bal Yoga (Yoga for kids).