• for admissions Contact: 9482432875, 080-25344787, 080-42037520, Email: contact@ayonschools.com

  • for admission Inquiry Contact: 9482432875, 080-25344787, 080-42037520, Email: contact@ayonschools.com

  • for admission Inquiry Contact: 9482432875, 080-25344787, 080-42037520, Email: contact@ayonschools.com

  • for admissions Contact: 9482432875, 080-25344787, 080-42037520, Email: contact@ayonschools.com

Early Years

It’s normal to have lots of questions when deciding to send your child to a pre-school for the first time.  Some of the most frequently asked question are below, but please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need any further information. We are always on hand to support parents as their child progresses through each stage of with us.

What are your opening times?


8.30AM - 05.00PM

Additional facility for up to 7.00 PM is available when booked by prior arrangement.

What is unique about Ayon from any other pre-school?
At Ayon International we take a very positive approach for early year care. We treat each child as a unique child and help them explore the world and learn, not by deciding what they should learn, but by paying attention to what they do; answering their questions and helping them explore the things they are most interested in.” We integrate the best of International curriculum with the Indian contexts; our curriculum equips children to meet the changing societal need of Global community. We provide ample opportunity to explore cultural and social values, develop communication skills, enhance problem solving skills, develop ideas and explore information through artistic means.
What is your admission system?

At Ayon International the academic year runs from June to March and is divided in into 3 terms of approximately thirteen weeks each.

We understand the needs of parent who work Globally and their concerns of mid-year / mid-session admission issues. We grant admissions throughout the year as per seat availability. Children can enrol with us as per the following age groups:

  • :- 1 yr 6 month to 2 yrs 6 months
  • :- 2 yrs 6 Month to 3 yrs 6 months
  • :- 3 yrs 6 Month to 4 yrs 6 months
  • :- 4 yrs 6 Month to 5 yrs 6 months

For admission enquiry please contact: or Email : contact@ayonschools.com. Also, you can contact us through our website.

What is the teacher-child ratio?
At AYON International, we are very particular about child teacher ratio and we strongly believe that an appropriate ratio is essential for children development. In addition to teachers we have school attendants who support the teachers in the daily routine. The teacher-child ratios of all programs are: 
  • :- 1:8
  • :- 1:11
  • :- 1:12
How long will it take for my child to settle at nursery?
Every child is different, but all children are treated with the same personal care and attention to help them settle quickly. Some children settle in soon, others take a few days and very few can take longer. It's reassuring that all children we care for have settled happily with us. Settling at nursery is often more worrying for parents than children, so we aim to make your experience just as stress-free by giving you lots of opportunity to play with your child in nursery and ask lots of questions before you leave them with us.
Will my child have a ‘key person’?
Once your son or daughter begins pre-school, there are regular opportunities to meet and talk to the key person and other members of the team. There are special parents’ meetings for specific discussion on how your child is progressing, and many opportunities for parents to be invited into school for informal meetings with staff and other parents.
What are lunches like?
The children receive a snack at morning break time with a drink of milk or water.

We have a wide range of vegetarian food on offer at lunchtime freshly prepared by our Chef and his team. There is a daily choice of a hot main meal with a wide variety of salads. A daily pudding choice is available or plenty of fresh fruit and yoghurts.

There are many members of staff on duty to help children with their choice of food and to ensure that they eat a balanced meal.
Do you cook your own food?
Yes, all our healthy meals are freshly cooked on the premises by our qualified nursery cook, using fresh fruit and vegetables wherever possible, and keeping processed foods to a minimum. Full details are available on our Healthy Eating page.
How often will my child go outside?
Uniquely, we are outside everyday so your child will be able to choose to play inside and outside in our well-developed play activities. All areas are fully staffed at all times.
Do you provide school transport?
AYON International provides safe and secure bus transport. The transport charge varies as per the distance and is not a part of the tuition fee.
What happens if I am late collecting my child or have been unable to get to the nursery before the nursery closes?
In the event that you do not collect your child from the nursery at the agreed time, and no contact has been made with the nursery to inform them of the alternative arrangements for collection, every attempt will be made to contact you. If we are unsuccessful we will contact your nominated emergency contact and request that they collect your child. The nursery will remain open to allow time for the contact person to arrive. Late collection is charged at the hourly rate for extra sessions.
Will my child be able to sleep during the day?
Many children, particularly under the age of 3 years, will require a sleep during the day. The nursery has ample sleeping facilities and children are offered a rest period during the day, usually after lunch if they attend for the whole day. We will at all times try and encourage your child's natural routine; however as they get older children tend to fit into routines according to the group.
Safeguarding Children Policy
As childcare professionals, we have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The nursery has trained members of staff who are responsible for the implementation of our safeguarding policies and procedures. All staff in the nursery are aware of their duties regarding child protection matters and have regular training in our safeguarding policies and procedures. To ensure our own staff are suitable to care for children they undergo a very carefully monitored recruitment process.
What happens if my child has an accident or get sick at nursery?
Children develop physically, particularly in their early walking stages, accidents can occasionally happen. At Ayon International we have a dedicated area to support any basic medical assistance need by trained staff on site at all times. If your child has had a minor accident or get sick at Pre-School you will be informed upon collection of your child and asked to sign an accident form. In the event of any serious concern you will be informed by telephone and will be asked to collect your child and will be recommended to seek relevant medical assistance. You will be given a copy of the accident form or injury advice form. Should your child have an accident whilst at nursery which requires further medical support you will be contacted immediately and the necessary action will be taken. In extreme cases this could involve calling for the support of a paramedic. If your child has had an accident at home which has resulted in a physical injury, no matter how small, we request that you inform the staff so this can be documented and is not mistaken for an accident at the nursery.